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Egypt gas pipeline blown up again: state media

By Agence France-Presse Masked gunmen on Friday blew up a gas pipeline which supplies Egyptian gas to Israel, the official MENA news agency reported, in the eighth such attack this year. The saboteurs planted explosives under the pipeline, around 60 kilometres (40 miles) west of the town of El-Arish in the north of the Sinai […]

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Do indigenous peoples benefit from ‘development’?

by Stephen Corry What’s “development” for? That may be straightforward to people who don’t have water or food, or sewerage in urban areas (faecal contamination is the biggest, easily preventable, manmade killer). But, although millions still lack such basics, they form only a tiny part of what passes for development these days. The duplicity of […]

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Power lines a major risk for migratory birds

By Pierre-Henry Deshayes When flamingos, storks, pelicans and other migratory birds undertake their long seasonal flights, they risk their lives winging their way through the endless power grids that cover the world. There are some 70 million kilometres (43 million miles) of power lines on the planet. In Africa and Eurasia alone, tens of millions […]

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U.N. Food And Agriculture Organization Warns 25 Percent Of Land Highly Degraded

ROME — The United Nations has completed the first-ever global assessment of the state of the planet’s land resources, finding in a report Monday that a quarter of all land is highly degraded and warning the trend must be reversed if the world’s growing population is to be fed. The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization […]

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How fracking affects a community in Pennsylvania

As controversial drilling for shale gas continues in Lancashire, Peter Marshall travels to the United States to see first hand how life has changed for people who have spent years living with fracking. Bradford County, Pennsylvania, is one of the most fracked places on the planet. Its gas-rush, which began in earnest in 2008, has […]

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