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Image by Meisjesanne / Flickr

Ivory traders have killed 65% of world’s forest elephants in 12 years

By Jeremy Hance / Mongabay Forest elephants have suffered unprecedented butchery for their ivory tusks over the past decade, according to new numbers released by conservationists today in London. Sixty-five percent of the world’s forest elephants have been slaughtered by poachers over the last dozen years, with poachers killing an astounding nine percent of the […]

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Jonah Mix: Why I Fight — A Personal Essay

By Jonah Mix / Deep Green Resistance Salish Sea Their blind gaze, the diminutive gold disc without expression and nonetheless terribly shining, went through me like a message: “Save us, save us.” I caught myself mumbling words of advice, conveying childish hopes. They continued to look at me, immobile; from time to time the rosy […]

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Soco oil corporation planning to devastate Congo gorilla reserve

By John Vidal / The Guardian The Virunga national park, home to rare mountain gorillas but targeted for oil exploration by a British company, could earn strife-torn DR Congo $400m (£263m) a year from tourism, hydropower and carbon credits, a WWF report published on Thursday concludes. But if the Unesco world heritage site that straddles […]

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Image by Grupo Jaragua

Dominican Republic bulldozing wildlife preserve for agriculture

By Jeremy Hance / Mongabay Last Wednesday, bulldozers entered the Loma Charco Azul Biological Reserve (LCABR) in the Dominican Republic and began clearing vegetation for agricultural development. The move stunned local conservationists who had not been notified ahead of time of the project. Although Charco Azul Biological Reserve is home to a wealth of threatened […]

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Climate change expected to devastate common plants and animals

By University of East Anglia More than half of common plants and one third of the animals could see a dramatic decline this century due to climate change – according to research from the University of East Anglia. Research published today in the journal Nature Climate Change looked at 50,000 globally widespread and common species […]

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Loxodonta cyclotis

Ivory cartels have killed 62% of all forest elephants in Africa in 10 years

By Mongabay More than 60 percent of Africa’s forest elephants have been killed in the past decade due to the ivory trade, reports a new study published in the online journal PLOS ONE. The study warns that the diminutive elephant species — genetically distinct from the better-known savanna elephant — is rapidly heading toward extinction. […]

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Image by Environmental Foundation Limited

Biofuel company charged with bulldozing Asian elephant habitat

By Jeremy Hance / Mongabay A biofuel plantation near Yala National Park has landed Lanka Orex Leasing Company PLC (LOLC) in Sri Lanka’s highest court. Environmentalists say the company is illegally bulldozing Asian elephant habitat, including scrubland and tree stands, near the buffer zone of Yala National Park for gliricidia (Gliricidia sepium) biofuel plantation. “This […]

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Study finds 19% of reptile species in danger of extinction

By John Vidal / The Guardian Nearly one in five of the world’s estimated 10,000 species of lizards, snakes, turtles, crocodiles and other reptiles are threatened with extinction, according to a study conducted by 200 experts. But the risk of extinction was found to be unevenly spread throughout the extremely diverse group of animals. According […]

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China allows landowners to sell 15% of giant panda habitat to corporations

By Mongabay China’s decision to open up collective forest for sale by individuals to outside interests will put 345,700 hectares or 15 percent of the giant panda’s remaining habitat at risk, warns a letter published in the journal Science. The letter, authored by a team of researchers including scientists from Conservation International and Chinese institutions, […]

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Image by Brian J. Skerry

Oceans emptying out as 85% of fish species suffer severe decline

By Gaia Vince / BBC News Global fish stocks are exploited or depleted to such an extent that without urgent measures we may be the last generation to catch food from the oceans. It has been some time since most humans lived as hunter-gatherers – with one important exception. Fish are the last wild animal […]

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