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Report finds “carbon sinks” insufficient in absorbing CO2 emissions

By Tom Bawden / The Independent Carbon dioxide is being accumulated in the atmosphere at the fastest rate since records began, as scientists warn that the oceans and forests may have absorbed so much CO2 that their crucial function as “carbon sinks” is now severely threatened. The jump in atmospheric CO2 is partly the result […]

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Video: Arctic Emergency: Scientists Speak

This film, by DGR member Max Wilbert, brings you the voices of climate scientists – in their own words. Rising temperatures in the Arctic are contributing the melting sea ice, thawing permafrost, and destabilization of a system that has been called “Earth’s Air Conditioner”. Global warming is here and is impacting weather patterns, natural systems, […]

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William Falk: We’re Finished. Now What?

By William Falk / Deep Green Resistance I don’t know how to write this, but it looks like humanity is finished. Many of us know it in our hearts. We watch as civilization marches us to the edge of the cliff. We look around to find most governments refusing to implement the radical shifts needed […]

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Study suggests climate change has stunted fish size up to 29% over four decades

By Renee Lewis / Al Jazeera Climate change may be stunting fish growth, a new study has said. Fish sizes in the North Sea have shrunk dramatically, and scientists believe warmer ocean temperatures and less oxygenated water could be the causes. The body sizes of several North Sea species have decreased by as much as […]

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Scientists: Climate change will damage Great Barrier Reef beyond recovery by 2030

By Agence France-Presse Time is running out for Australia’s iconic Great Barrier Reef, with climate change set to wreck irreversible damage by 2030 unless immediate action is taken, marine scientists said Thursday. In a report prepared for this month’s Earth Hour global climate change campaign, University of Queensland reef researcher Ove Hoegh-Guldberg said the world […]

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1C warming enough to devastate planet, scientists warn

  By Suzanne Goldenberg / The Guardian The limit of 2C of global warming agreed by the world’s governments is a “dangerous target”, “foolhardy” and will not avoid the most disastrous consequences of climate change, new research from a panel of eminent climate scientists warned on Tuesday. In a new paper, the climate scientist Professor […]

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90 corporations responsible for 66% of climate change emissions

By Suzanne Goldenberg / The Guardian The climate crisis of the 21st century has been caused largely by just 90 companies, which between them produced nearly two-thirds of the greenhouse gas emissions generated since the dawning of the industrial age, new research suggests. The companies range from investor-owned firms – household names such as Chevron, […]

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Max Wilbert: Plows and Carbon: The Timeline of Global Warming

By Max Wilbert / Deep Green Resistance Great Basin In June 1988, climatologist and NASA scientist James Hansen stood before the Energy and Natural Resources Committee in the United States Senate. The temperature was a sweltering 98 degrees. “The earth is warmer in 1988 than at any time in the history of instrumental measurements,” Hansen […]

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Abandoned Collective Farm near Chernobyl

Abandoned Russian farmland soaks up 50 million tons of carbon every year

By John Upton / Grist When the USSR collapsed, the communal farming systems that helped feed the union’s citizens collapsed with it. Farmers abandoned 1 million acres of farmland and headed into the cities in search of work. New research by European scientists has revealed the staggering climate benefits of that sweeping change in land […]

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New study finds acidification of Arctic Ocean exceeding all projections

By University of South Florida Acidification of the Arctic Ocean is occurring faster than projected according to new findings published in the journal PLoS One. The increase in rate is being blamed on rapidly melting sea ice, a process that may have important consequences for health of the Arctic ecosystem. Ocean acidification is the process […]

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