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Image by Owe Aku

Deep Green Resistance Offers Support to Oglala Lakota and Owe Aku

Deep Green Resistance is dedicated to the fight against industrial civilization and its legacy of racism, patriarchy, and colonialism. For this reason, DGR would like to publicly state its support for the Oglala Lakota in their current fight against the genocidal mining operations of the Cameco Corporation. Cameco is currently attempting to expand its already […]

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Image by Natalie Bochenski

After fracking company sponsors museum, activists threaten symbolic “poisoning” of artwork

By Natalie Bochenski / Sydney Morning Herald An anti-fracking activist group will “poison” a major work at the Gallery of Modern Art to protest its sponsorship by Santos. Generation Alpha said Heritage, which features 99 animals gathered around a blue water pond, showed exactly the kind of environment that the natural resources company would ruin. […]

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Image by Claire Stewart-Kanigan

Corporation raiding Algonquin territory for minerals, selling to Toyota for Prius battery production

By Claire Stewart-Kanigan / The Dominion “Eco-consciousness” and “green living” are centrepieces of product branding for the Toyota Prius. But that feel-good packaging has rapidly worn thin for members of the Algonquin Nation and residents of Kipawa, Quebec, who are now fighting to protect traditional Algonquin territory from devastation in the name of hybrid car battery production. In 2011, […]

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New study finds 80% of Caribbean coral reefs destroyed since 1960s

By Fiona Harvey / The Guardian A major survey of the coral reefs of the Caribbean is expected to reveal the extent to which one of the world’s biggest and most important reserves of coral has been degraded by climate change, pollution, overfishing and degradation. The Catlin scientific survey will undertake the most comprehensive survey […]

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New study: More than 2 million people killed by air pollution each year

By Institute of Physics Over two million deaths occur each year as a direct result of human-caused outdoor air pollution, a new study has found. In addition, while it has been suggested that a changing climate can exacerbate the effects of air pollution and increase death rates, the study shows that this has a minimal […]

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Image by Mountain Justice

Residents shut down Alpha headquarters with support from Mountain Justice

By Mountain Justice Three residents of Central Appalachia and supporters with Mountain Justice chained themselves to an industrial tank of black water in front of Alpha Natural Resources’ Bristol, Va., headquarters to protest Alpha’s mountaintop removal strip mining and coal slurry operations across the region. “I’m risking arrest today because mountaintop removal has to end […]

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Image by Shutterstock

Cherine Akkari: Mercury a growing global concern

By Cherine Akkari / Deep Green Resistance Mercury is an element which is naturally present in our environment. It is also known as quicksilver. It is a heavy, silvery-white metal which is liquid at room temperature and evaporates easily. Mercury is usually found in nature in the form of cinnabar, used in the past as […]

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Press Release: Mountain-Top Removal Mining: Now Threatening Wisconsin!

By Thistle Pettersen and Beth Ulion / Deep Green Resistance A proposed iron mining effort would create the largest open pit mine in the world in northern Wisconsin.The 22,000 acres of mountain-top removal-style strip mining would potentially dump millions of tons of waste rock into the headwaters of the Bad River, polluting everything downstream including […]

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Image by AP

Max Wilbert: Steel Production in Perspective: A Global Warming Analysis

By Max Wilbert / Deep Green Resistance Great Basin While global warming is a topic of conversation and news coverage every day around the world,‭ ‬the basic raw materials that drive the global economy are rarely discussed as being involved.‭ ‬But these materials play a key role in global environmental issues. Where do plastics come […]

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Image by CBS News

Study finds air pollution in China kills 1.2 million people each year

By Edward Wong / The New York Times Outdoor air pollution contributed to 1.2 million premature deaths in China in 2010, nearly 40 percent of the global total, according to a new summary of data from a scientific study on leading causes of death worldwide. Figured another way, the researchers said, China’s toll from pollution […]

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