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Ecuador allows oil drilling in UNESCO reserve in Amazon, home to indigenous avoiding contact

By Agence France-Presse The license comes just days after a petition for a referendum on the project was rejected by the country’s election authorities. The action, signed by Environment Minister Lorena Tapia, gives a state company, Petroamazonas, rights to develop an oil field in part of the forest designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Home to […]

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Kim Hill: It Is Up to Us to Act

By Kim Hill / Deep Green Resistance Australia Life itself has been stolen from us. Genes, the very basis of life, no longer belong to the living beings who embody them, but to institutions that convert life into profit. Our basic needs, of food and water, no longer come from the land where we live, […]

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Reserve for indigenous people living between the Napo and Tigre rivers in the Amazon, Peru

Peru allows gas company to invade “protected” indigenous reserve

By David Hill / Mongabay The Peruvian government has approved plans for gas company Pluspetrol to move deeper into a supposedly protected reserve for indigenous peoples and the buffer zone of the Manu National Park in the Amazon rainforest. The approval follows the government rescinding a highly critical report on the potential impacts of the […]

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Indigenous-led resistance forces regional court to freeze Belo Monte dam project

By Latin American Herald Tribune Brazil’s first regional federal court suspended the environmental permit for the massive Belo Monte dam project in Amazonia and ordered an immediate halt to construction, Efe learned on Monday. Judge Antonio de Souza Prudente’s ruling came in response to a motion from federal prosecutors. Work on what would be the […]

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Image by AP

Mysterious power surges cripple massive NSA data center, delay opening by a year

By BBC News Electrical supply problems at a National Security Agency data centre have delayed its opening by a year, reports the Wall Street Journal. Power surges at the giant Utah centre had ruined equipment costing almost a million dollars, it said. The technical problems had also led to lengthy investigations that had meant its […]

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Image by Reuters

Vietnam using threat of violence to steal land from indigenous people

By Agence France-Presse Thi Sieu says her family lived for generations on a small plot of land studded with cashew trees until they fell victim to an alleged land grab by powerful local elites, a fate shared with many indigenous farmers in Vietnam’s lush central hills. All land in the communist nation is owned by […]

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Image by Unis'tot'en Action Camp

Under pressure, B.C. government rejects Northern Gateway pipeline proposal

By Jonathan Fowlie, Scott Simpson and Jeff Lee / Vancouver Sun The B.C. Liberal government has strongly rejected the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline, stating in a formal submission to a National Energy Board review panel that the company has not properly addressed the province’s environmental concerns. The province did not outright kill the proposed […]

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Image by José Cruz / ABr

Hundreds of Brazilian Indians occupy Congress to stop proposed land policy

By Survival International As Brazil marks its annual ‘Day of the Indian’ today, hundreds of Brazilian Indians of various tribes invaded and occupied part of the country’s Congress this week, to protest at attempts to change the law regarding their land rights. The Indians are outraged about a proposed constitutional amendment that would weaken their […]

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Image by Reuters

Munduruku people prepare to go to war with Brazil over dam projects

By Jonathan Watts / The Guardian An Amazonian community has threatened to “go to war” with the Brazilian government after what they say is a military incursion into their land by dam builders. The Munduruku indigenous group in Para state say they have been betrayed by the authorities, who are pushing ahead with plans to […]

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Anger grows against Obama after signing of Monsanto Protection Act

By Connor Adams Sheets / International Business Times Anger is growing against President Barack Obama the day after he signed into law a spending bill that included a provision opponents have dubbed the “Monsanto Protection Act.” That bill, the HR 933 continuing resolution, was mainly aimed at averting a government shutdown and ensuring that the […]

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